• Extension of full paper submission to May 14th and publication fee payment to May 15th

    Dear valued authors,

    Thank you very much for your attempt to prepare and submit full papers to IFGTM 2015 on time.

    We have received only 63 manuscripts at 8:00 pm on May 10th, i.e. just 4 hours before the deadline. However, only 11 out of 63 authors have completed their publication fee payment.

    Some of authors have requested for an extension of submission due to various reasons. We also realize that you have been unable to perform the bank transfer of publication fee during weekend.

    Therefore, we decided to extend the deadline for manuscript submission to May 14th and publication fee payment to May 15th 2015.

    For authors who had done manuscript submission and fee payment, please check your status here.

    For authors who are going to submit, please kindly pay your attention on following points:

    • Always include your paper ID in submission and payment, as instructed here;
    • Use online submission page on IFGTM website, only send your manuscript attached to email when you really get problem with the online submission.

    The submission page on IFGTM website will be automatically closed at 23:59 on May 14th.

    Thank you again for your kind cooperation.

    IFGTM 2015 Secretary