• Cultural and technical tours, registration status confirmation

    It is please to inform participants of IFGTM 2015 the plan of Cultural tour  and Technical tour on July 29th as follows:


    - Time: from 14:00 to 17:30,  July 28th 2015

    - Places of visit: Royal Citadel and Tu Duc King’s Tomb (see brief information here)

    - Schedule

    14:00: Pick up at Green Hotel.

    14:10: Arrive at Royal Citadel for visits to Imperial City, Forbidden Purple City, Emperor’s private residence and Museum of Royal Antiquities.

    16:00: Leave the Royal Citadel for Tu Duc King’s Tomb.

    16:20: Arrive at Tu Duc King’s Tomb.

    17:30: Leave Tu Duc King’s Tomb for Green Hotel.


    - Time: from 7:45 to 11:00,  July 30th 2015

    - Places of visit: Quang Te Water Purification Plant and Thuy Phuong Landfill site

    - Schedule

    7:45: Pick up at Green Hotel.

    8:00: Arrive at Quang Te Water Purification Plant, visit two water purification systems.

    9:00: Leave Quang Te Plant  for Thuy Phuong Landfill site.

    9:30: Arrive at Thuy Phuong Landfill site; visit the operating landfill, incinerator and leacheate treatment system.

    10:30: Leave Thuy Phuong landfill for Green Hotel.

    Participation fee for the both tours

    IFGTM Organizers will cover the fees for bus, entrance tickets and tour guide. These fees include in conference fee of 500,000 VND that participants will pay at the conference on July 29th.

    Participants should prepare drinks or foods by themselves.


    Please click here to check your registration status for activities at IFGTM 2015 (cultural tour, conference, party, technical tour).

    If you want to change your registration status, please confirm before July 15th by sending email to IFGTM Secretariat at ifgtm2015@hueuni.vn